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iPhone.com sold to Apple for a seven figures

July 3, 2007

It is said that Apple has bought Iphone.com from Michael Kovatch. It is believed the domain worth of a million dollar, and considered as one of the biggest sales for a domain name at the moment

Since the iPhone official announcement from Apple circa January 2007, thousands of iphone domains were registered. People were rushing to get their good domain names. But Iphone.com was registered by Michael back in 1995, that at the time he knew one day Internet would able to do telephone calls.

Since the official announcement from Apple, the traffic of iphone.com had begun to skyrocket. It is understandable, most people will likely to point their browser to iphone.com when they heard the Apple announcement. Due to iphone.com popularity, Michael had to turn on Proxy Whois to shield the so many phone calls he received.

Apple has bought the domain, and now access to iphone.com is sent to Apple's iPhone page. Apple is one example of failing with the domain for a product release, domain squatter are taking the advantages on this. Contrarily to Microsoft, who has registered a lot of generic domain before they announce their new Surface Computer. It seems that Apple need to hurry pickup good domain names prior their next product announcements. Otherwise, major league domainer like Kevin Ham will cause them to spent more money for buying domain names.

I just wonder if Cisco was also approaching Michael prior the Apple Computer. ?

source Engadgetmobile

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