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Mobile blogging, threat for mainstream media?

July 12, 2007

A blogger was kicked out from a stadium because he was posting live updates of the U.S's NCAA baseball tournament. It is said, this guy activities on blogging a live updates of the game infringe the broadcasting rights which were exclusively owned by ESPN and CBS . It just unbelievable.

Citizen Journalism
Blogging is believed brought such a tremendous inevitable changes on journalism, citizen journalism and community journalism were born. Such technology are now available to support the mobile blogging. Now you can found tons videos report through Youtube, there are also gadgets such as cell phone for mobile blogging that fully support citizen journalism.

Citizen journalism is just gaining its own inevitable popularity, are they threatening mainstream media?. I saw a sheer limitation on what citizen journalists can and can't do.These days, the public decides who gets publicity, not the media.

In the future, you might be prohibited to bring your phone or digital camera to a tournament because it may violate exclusive broadcasting rights of a media. What a life.


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dani iswara said...

:D ngeblog skrg malah jd lbh (di)rumit(in)..