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12 Best Photoshop video tutorials I ever saw

October 4, 2007

I'm always find a new way to do things in Adobe Photoshop, but rather than reading those Photosop tutorials, watching it in videos is a lot for fun and easier to understand. I have checked my bookmarks and found these video tutorials.

These guys from watchandlaernphotoshop are cool people, their video tutorials are easy to understand, here they are :

  1. Warping Text with Smart Object
    There are many ways to warp text in Photoshop, but most of them have their limitations. Some methods allow you to edit your text after warping, but don’t provide full customization of HOW you warp the text. Other methods allow full customization but don’t allow you to edit the text afterwards. In this tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you a method for warping text that will give you the best of both worlds.
  2. Toning and recoloring the Skies
    Ever have one of those photographs where the sky is too bright and harsh? In this tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you an amazingly effective trick for toning down and recoloring an overly bright sky
  3. Creating dotted lines
    Photoshop doesn’t provide any quick means of creating dotted lines, but in this tutorial, Geoff Riggs will show you how to create your own customized dotted line quickly and easily, using the paintbrush tool.
  4. Creating Cucoloris Effect
    A cucoloris (or “cookie”) is a metal sheet with patterns cut out of it, intended to cast patterned shadows on the background (and often the subject) of a photograph. In this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you how to achieve the same effect in Photoshop.
  5. How to make complex selection
    It’s not always easy to make complex selections in your Photoshop images, but in this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs will show you one very effective way to use the highlights in an image to make a selection in order to alter an image.
  6. Open Type Font Embellishments
  7. Photoshop trainer Geoff Riggs shows you how to add embellishments and alter the appearance of specific letter pairings for open type fonts
  8. Black and White photos in Photoshop CS2
    In this video tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs demonstrates several different ways to convert an image to black and white using Photoshop CS2, and discusses the positives and negatives of each method
  9. Howto make an old photo
    There are lots of methods of aging a photo. Instead of just weathering and roughing it up, Brian Harber shows us the basic properties of old photo exposure, and how to achieve the same look in Photoshop. [High contrast, fuzziness, random shadow from flash; no true black; THEN add dust & scratches]
  10. How to make clear Skies
    In this tip, Brian Harber explores the wide potential in sky replacement and subsequent color adjustment. If you’ve ever had a picture that you loved, but it was unfortunately very cloudy or dull, here’s an easy way to spice up that picture
  11. Capturing that vibrant red or other color while desaturating the rest
    Who knows where the new style of a single-color (usually red) contrasted with black and white came from? Regardless, Brian Harber shows us in this video the various methods of capturing that vibrant red or other color while desaturating the rest.
  12. How to make 3D Angled text
    Have you ever wanted a line of text to pop off the page? In this tip, Brian Harber shows a 3D angle effect that will make your text standout.
  13. Bicubic Sharper How to
    When resizing an image in Photoshop, if you use all the default settings, the image will end up with a little bit of a blur to it–hardly distinguishable, but it is there. In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the way your image is resampled when you resize it in order to maintain the sharpness of the image.

[via pstutorialsblog]

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