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5 ways to prevent Google Pagerank drop - stop Gevil dance

October 9, 2007

It's been on top of topic in blogosphere in the recent weeks; there are a lot of site with higher pagerank were dropped 1 or 2 level. Most of them are sites with good quality in their content. Let say andybeard.eu who is amongst top 30 on SEO blogs, sabahan.com, endgadget.com. gizmodo.com and a lot more. If you are amongst those who are dropped by Google you my check what you are doing with your site.

As of Google concern is quality links, it seems this is how Google treat those bad links. One of the most thing we might already aware of since it was discussed a lot before is the 'Selling paid links' that can hurt our pagerank. If that's so, as gaman of sabahan.com pointed out why adesblog.com is not affected ?. As I said earlier online marketing is about link building and goodwill, and link building is not that easy.

While this is believed only visible pagerank drop and "guilty until proven innocent" moment, below are things you might to consider if you happen defamed by Google:

  1. Are you are selling paid links ?, put nofollow tag !.
    It's been on the hot discussion before that Google with spanking you if you selling paid links on your site like TLA or any others. It's against Google TOS and quality search, and some people suggested to put 'nofollow' tag for it. Well that's is hard for some advertisers who are expecting traffic and Google juice from links they bought. So what is the solution for this ?, sells paid links that is consistent with your niche and put nofollow tag on it. TLA is implemented through a plugin, how come we screen which links are relevant to our site or not?. However we might try it.
  2. Put nofollow on Paid per Post or paid review ?
    If you are on those paid post moneymaking like PayperPost or ReviewMe , you are on Matt Cutt's google target. Even andybeard.eu who happened to be doing PayperPost review was defamed by Google. He even complaining as most of his reviews are related to his own expertize. He think Google is attacking his personal business. Solution for this ? I still don't know, but some says if you could put 'nofollow' tag on links in your review that would be find, but again I doubt it will satisfies the advertisers, but it is said ReviewMe is never prohibit us to add nofollow tag on their review. Any of you ever heard of it ?
  3. Don't do Black SEO.
    Do you holding a draw for a review of your blogs or site which is asking the reviewer to link to your website with specific anchor text ? Well it seems you are trying to game your search engine ranking positions (SERP). This is what happened to Johnchow.com who got continued google penalty. This is also what happened to Davidairey.com and sabahan.com. Apparently I'm the one who won the prize from sabahan.com for a review of his blog :) .

  4. Watch your move, Google is monitoring your site manually.
    Until how Google can detecting paid links is proved, lets assume Google is doing this manually. Well, it is believed so. They are monitoring those skyrocketing websites, the Google's head webspam Matt Cutts will likely to drop his squad to monitor those naughty websites. So watch your move.
  5. Do not link to bad neighbourhoods
    Exhanging links with other websites is a good way on getting google juice. However if you accidenlty linking to penalized sites a.ka. bad neighbourhoods you are in danger in Google eyes. You may want to check your site for bad neighbourhoods links with this tool.

Now if you think that you are not depending on Google, you may ignore the above way, However if you care, play safe with Google. If you are experiencing pagerank drop recently, I suggest you to apply for a review request or may want to contact Matt Cutts ? :) . If you are thinking this is just a mistake by Google and expecting Google to issue a public apology in near future, just sit relax and keep blogging.

Who said SEO is an exact knowledge ? SEO is like the law of jungle, the strongest will win. LOL. Now I realize that not all of those link baiting and link building tips out there are good tips.

By then, have a nice day.

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