Linux Links roundup - Greatway URLinks 15 June 2008 ~ Musing on technology, computer and internet

Linux Links roundup - Greatway URLinks 15 June 2008

June 15, 2008

All right , it's Sunday, it is time for links roundup for your weekend. This time is all about Linux. Enjoy.

1. Using Linux Virtual Desktop, part I and Part II. If you are multitasking person,and productivity is your concern then virtual desktop is for you. I've covered the virtual desktop for MS Windows platform previously, as I wrote earlier, Windows virtual desktop is an adoption of Linux virtual desktop, this article is a series of Linux virtual desktop.

2. Fedora LiveUSB Creator. On April links roundup, I was giving a link on tutorial how to install linux on a USB pendrive. It seems now installing an operating system into USB drive is even easier. Fedora liveUSB creator is a cross-platform tool to easily install operating systems on to USB drives.

3. Using Bash Effectively series. This three-part article series is about using Bash effectively; Working with Bash in Emacs Editing mode, Working with Bash in Vi editing mode and definitive guide to Bash command line history. You know that using Shell effectively could boost your productivity on administering a Linux machine. This article is come with handy cheat sheet in pdf and txt format.

4. Anatomy of Linux Journaling System. Understanding Linux file system is somewhat interesting, especially if you experienced with non-journaling file system such as ext2, you might want to know what is exactly behind the ext3 file system which is now a default file system of Linux and other journaling file systems such as ReiserFS and JFS.

5. Linux consume less power than Windows Server by 12 percent. Towards green computing, Linux against Windows Server 2008 were tested in term of power consumption, and result showed that Linux is greener than Windows, read the article for complete summaries of the test results.

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