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Speed dial access your favourites websites anywhere with Only2Click

June 16, 2008

I have plenty of bookmarks but only few of them were visited frequently, the way bookmarks organized is one factor that makes you are willing to visit the sites. I found this neat simple web applications that can be a solution. Only2clicks is a web application that helps you organizing your bookmarks or favourite websites into one place.

As the only2clicks name implies, it simplifies your bookmarking access speed. Frequently visited websites is organized in a single page and can be arranged in special tabs. If you are ever experience with Opera browser, you will know what I mean with speed-dial, Opera has built-in Speed dial feature. However Only2clicks enable you to organized the bookmarks into several tabs for categorizing the bookmarks. To add a site to only2clicks, simply by providing the URL of the sites and put the image for thumbnail. Arranging your bookmark is also can be done using drag and drop. If you want to import your existing browser's bookmark collection, only2click is also providing features of import and exporting bookmarks.

As the applications is a web base, your bookmarks can be accessed anywhere. Simply set it as your homepage and you can access it anywhere just using a internet bowser. You can either share your bookmark as public or not. More interestingly, only2clicks is also has iPhone interface. So when you got your iPhone 3G, be ready with only2clicks for your favourite sites.

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