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Plurk, twitter with easy to track timeline feature

June 17, 2008

Plurk is another micro-blogging on the net, at first I was thinking, 'Another Twitter-like application' ?. Yes, it is another Twitter-like application, but it seems Plurk is more robust in features.

Plurk has a horizontal timeline feature that makes it easier to follow and track , when exatcly plurks was made just by scrolling it right and left ( scroll easily with your mouse wheels). In Twitter your will easily lose you older tweets as the more people you follow are tweeting. The backwards for this is maybe, its only can be visible on the Plurk website, compare it with Twitter, where you know what is going without ever visit Twitter site.

Plurks is also allows you to embed images and videos directly from Youtube or Flickr, a feature that Twitter is left behind. It also has karma rating feature that's scale from 0 to 10 to represent how active users are. In Plurk you can track and check each plurks and its responses individually, makes you easier to respond to other people plurks.

It seems that Plurks is targeting more broader users, the language support up to now is about 13 languages.

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